Tianjin Tongxin 4 formal bureaucratic typical issues

Tianjin Tongxin 4 formal bureaucratic typical issues

  In order to further promote political high remediation formism, bureaucracy, strengthen education guidance and warning, implementation of the "Formalism issues on continuous resolution of the grassroots" issued by the Office of the Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, providing strong style guaranteed The notice requires further consolidating the construction of the construction, and the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission notified 4 formalism and bureaucratic issues. Xue Yingwang, secretary of the party committee of Liang Tao Town, Jinghai District, deputy secretary of the party committee, Li Shu Guo, the original party committee, the Minister of Armed Forces, Wang Yongsheng, deputy towns, promoted the inspection of illegal investigation.

From May 2017 to June 2019, During the construction of two illegal villa projects in Sun Zizi Village, the town, Deng Junxi and the town comprehensive law enforcement brigade will not take other effective measures to the villa construction party in November in November 2017. The dispersion of the violation of the villa is out of control. In June 2019, Jinghai District was carried out in accordance with the central and municipal party members asked to rectify and synchronize the special inspection of the municipalities. The town has no in-depth research on the premium work deployment, and the lack of payment of illegal villas in violations, and arranged Deng Junxi responsible. After work, there is no continuous tracking. Deng Junxi disputed a lot of heard, non-study measures, and did not conduct investigations, and only the person in charge of the above two projects was classified as a villager as a villager, and the name of the Government of Liangou Town The report will be reported without verification.

The superior department found that the problem was discovered and requested to carry out troubleshooting. Deng Junxi did not implement the work request in time until August 2019, the Town Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade launched the investigation, and there was no law enforcement qualifications in the investigation to participate, individual inquiry violations and other law enforcement violations question.

During the work information provided to the patrol group, Deng Junxi made the relevant personnel to issue a false building agreement, the property rights prove, the meeting record, still reporting the District Committee Tour Group and interfered with the inspection.

Xue Yingwang, Li Shu Guo implemented the "War District System, the main official" in violation of the construction of the villa, and did not be able to do the responsibility of the establishment of the governance.

Deputy Demonstration Wang Yongsheng as the town’s cadres, performances of the village education, guidance, supervision and management duties, did not discover and stop the problem of illegal investment in time, resulting in adverse effects. Li Shu Guo, Wang Yongsheng still has other violations. In October 2019, Xue Yingwang was dealt with, and Li Shu Guo was punished by the government, and Deng Junxi was revoked in the party’s position and government duties. Wang Yongsheng was severely warned and academic in the party. Xing Guoshun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Cao Zili, Wuqing District, Xing Guoshun, deputy secretary of the party committee, the evil-director of the party committee, and the principal of the party committee, Guo Baoliang, promoted the problem of enterprises. From February to March 2020, the Wuqing District has repeatedly used the prevention and control headquarters, the video conference, and the tips, etc., and it is clearly pointed out that it is necessary to firmly establish the awareness of active service. Check the service, third-party services, etc., collect unreasonable costs to enterprises, and require various town street parks to carry out self-investigation and reform. Cao Zili’s town implements the meeting, only conveys the above requirements in the town party committee, not combined with the actual research and arrangement, only clearly considering the work of Guo Baoliang.

Guo Baoliang attaches instead of self-investigating and reforming, and has not organized self-investigation and reform. It has not been related to the relevant charging issues to the district prevention and control headquarters and made an oral report to Xing Guoshun and Han Zhijun.

Xing Guoshun, Han Zhijun did not investigate in-depth investigation on the situation, and did not propose relevant opinions. As of March 17, there were 68 companies in the town to pay a fee of 10,000 yuan to assessment agencies, which were exposed by the media, causing adverse effects. In March 2020, Xing Guoshun, Han Zhijun was seriously warned by the party, and Guo Baoliang was seriously warned by the party. In April 2020, Guo Baoliang was dealt with. Feng Shaohong, the original deputy director of Jianchang Road, Hebei District, is lost, and it is difficult to subsist in violations. In 2010, Wang Moumou, a community resident of Fuqiao, Jianchang Road, Hebei District, was approved by Zhu Fuhai, a deputy department of Jianchang Road, a deputy department of Jianchang Road, a deputy director of Jianchang Road, a deputy director of the street decoration business, and passed Zhufuhai. He Huilan, who is a Welfare Coach, deputy director, Wang Baodong, and the nine-level staff Liu Shangchao. In September 2011, after Zhu Fuhai, he served as a resident department, Wang Mou applied to the sub-district office to receive the minimum living security. Zhu Fuhai knows that Wang Moumou does not meet the conditions for low-warrant applications, and it is still approved and approved by Feng Shao in November of the same year.

In 2014, Feng Shao received a reflection of the illegal information of Wang Mou family violation, and the investigation situation was true, but still did not stop.

He Huilan, Wang Baodong, Liu Shangchao During the responsibility of the low-security rescue work, I know that Wang Moumou’s family income does not meet the low-conditioning conditions, and there has not been discovered, and the minimum living security will continue to be issued. From November 2011 to September 2018, Wang Mou’s violation of the minimum living guarantee for a total of 10,000 yuan. In January 2020, Feng Shao was warned by the party; in April 2020, Zhu Fuhai, He Huilan, Wang Baodong, Liu Shangchao was subject to the party’s warning.

  Wang Baohong, a commercial service of Binhai New District, and Zhang Li, deputy director of the Deputy Director, to perform a weak problem in the work of reporting cases. From July 2017 to March 2018, Tianjin Yuan Business Committee reported 389 cases of the case of car sales in the Cohai New Area, and asked the Binhai New Zone Coordination to handle it according to law. As of November 2019, as a functional department responsible for the law enforcement inspection of automotive industry, it is only disposed of 107 pieces, which leads to many automobile trading companies and a car sales company that are reported by the masses. The problems such as fraud, forced transactions, etc. during the sales process have not been treated in time, causing bad impact.

In the meantime, Wang Baohong presided over the work, the responsibility is not strong, and the disposal work of the case is weak, and it is indifferent to the interests of the masses. Zhang Li’s work style, the deputy director of the specific work, is not high, and it is directly responsible. In December 2019, Wang Baohong, Zhang Li was subject to the party’s warning.

  According to the report, the above four problems are typical performance of formalism and bureaucratic issues, which seriously affects the relationship between party groups, damages the image of the party and the government. The fundamental reason is that the political station is not high, the ideal belief and the awareness is not strong, the initiative is insufficient, and the promotion of the innovation is inadequate, according to the law, the skills of the local system, the skills of scientific policy, the majority of party members and cadres must keep It is highly vigilant, and the case is tried to quit.

  The notification emphasizes that the city’s party members and cadres should consciously abandon formism, bureaucratic vicious habits, in the grasping style, and grasp the style, and take advantage of the care of the heart, form the strength of the same desire, linkage and cooperation Complement, promoting the high-quality development of our city. Party organizations at all levels in the city must focus on politically strategically oriented, fully understand the continuous rectification formism, the extreme importance of bureaucracy, and guide party members and cadres to build political ideology roots, constantly enhance the mission of doing wells, responsibility . To compare the subject’s responsibility and the first responsible person’s responsibility, it is impossible to strictly govern the subject responsibility of the party, focusing on the form of the municipal committee in the form of municipal committee, and does not act as a key issue for the "six aspects" of the special governance work. , Use your heart to control the supervision accountability, grasp the implementation, and grasp the normal life. It is necessary to resolutely win the poverty strikes with excellent style, promote the poorest poverty cap, and promote the new effectiveness of our city to help the difficulty in helping the difficulty.

Especially in the case of epidemic prevention and control, it is necessary to do a good job in "six stable" work, implement the "six guarantees" tasks, speed up the resumption of economic and social operation, and do more "link" "to promote" "protection enterprises" Specific work, ensuring smooth economic and social circulation.

The municipal organs should adhere to the above-rate, with the self-revolutionary spirit of the blade to break the "sinterry" problem, actively check the pendulum, take the lead in rectifying all kinds of formalism, bureaucracy, and effectively play the model. According to the report, the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels must adhere to political guidance, strengthen political supervision, and give full play to the implementation of supervision and protection, promote the role of improved development, and resolutely rectify, unfair, unfair, empty statement, perfunctory, fraud, yuangyin violations. It is necessary to strengthen the consciousness of overall ascendants, while continuing to prevent the prevention and control supervision of the epidemic, focus on the implementation of the implementation of the policies and improving policies, and continues to promote the bulk loose reduction.

It is necessary to accurately supervise the observation responsibility, it is necessary to seriously investigate formalism, bureaucracy, and implement the "three distinct efforts" requirements to ensure the political effect, the judicial effect and social effects. (Xu Li).