Xi’an City Releases Heavy Pollution Weather Yellow Warning School Elastic Stop Outdoor Courses and Events

Xi’an City Releases Heavy Pollution Weather Yellow Warning School Elastic Stop Outdoor Courses and Events

  On November 16, the reporter learned that the air quality of Xi’an will fall into the medium-sized pollution, for this purpose of this, China’s heavy pollution weather, yellow warning information, 18 o’clock on November 17 Start the Heavy Pollution Weather III Emergency Response.

  Xi’an Air Quality: It is expected to be based on mild pollution, according to Shaanxi Provincial Environmental Monitoring Center Station, Shaanxi Meteorological Observatory forecast: November 17th, weak cold air, pollution accumulation slowdown in Guanzhong area, is expected to be light The degree contamination is main. From the 18th to 19th, the Guanzhong area is in the rear of the ground, the diffusion conditions are removed, and the air quality of our city is expected to be light to moderate pollution.

On the 20th, the afternoon began to be affected by the northwest cold air, the air quality was improved from the West, and the air quality of our city was expected to be good to lightly pollution. In order to protect public health, reduce air pollution strength, the headquarters office issued heavy pollution weather yellow warning information on November 16th, from November 17th, starting heavy pollution weather III emergency response.

  Health Protection Measures: School Elastic Stop Outdoor Course and Activities Children, Seniors and Respiratory, Cardiovascular Vascular Diseases and Other Chronic Diseases should stay in the room, avoid outdoor activities, general people should reduce outdoor sports and outdoor operation time; Protective measures should be taken outdoors or homework. Kindergarten, primary school, junior high school and equivalent schools elastically stop outdoor courses and activities, when AQI is less than 200, the outdoor courses and activities can be organized appropriately; when AQI is greater than 200, all outdoor courses and activities should be stopped.

  Health and Health Department Supervise Medical and Health Agencies to strengthen the medical guidance and diagnosis and treatment of patients with gas pollution related diseases; add patients with relevant diseases (door), increase medical staff.

  Suggemological emission reduction measures: Enterprise adjustment pollutant emissions Time recommended that the public should travel to travel to public transport, reduce motor vehicles, timely, timely flameout, reduce the idle speed of vehicles.

  The public should minimize the use of raw materials and products containing volatile organic matter such as paints, paints, solvents.

  Transportation, City Turban, Rail Transportation Group and other units increase public transportation guarantee and encourage the public green to travel.

  Enterprises and institutions, all kinds of construction sites, etc. in the production process, consciously adjust the production period, and further improve the efficiency of pollution control facilities on the basis of emergency emission reduction requirements, adjust the production process of atmospheric pollutant emissions. Time, take the initiative to reduce air pollutant emissions.

  Mandatory emission reduction measures: In addition to special needs, stop spraying the powder brush public security department to do a good job in the operation of the motor vehicle, do a good job of diesel truck control; do a good job in black smoke vehicles; strengthen the "peak" Transportation of the time period reduces the idling time of vehicle. Residents, urban management, transportation, water, etc., in accordance with their respective responsibilities, supervise the construction units of the city in addition to the construction projects and repair rescue outside the city; the construction of new construction industrialization projects such as the assembly model can not be Downtable; 100% coverage of material stacking.

  City management, transportation and other departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities to strengthen road cleaning measures, resource planning, transportation department supervision mines, logistics, etc., to stop using national IV and below the following emission standards Heavy truck. Resource planning, industrial, and ecological ministerial supervisor, the mining, sandstone, stone plant, etc., etc.

  The housing construction department supervised large commercial buildings, and municipal projects stopped production of outdoor spraying operations of volatile organics.

Regional (county) government, the development zone management committee and the industry authorities supervise the contamination source of "Xi’an 2020 heavy pollution weather emergency reduction project list", implementing heavy pollution weather III emergency response measures. edit:.