The island’s public opinion is considered: "TMB" brings confidence to both sides

The island’s public opinion is considered: "TMB" brings confidence to both sides

  Cross-strait leaders in Singapore’s historical conference, causing high concern and active evaluation in the island, and public opinion believes that this historic conference consolidates the common political foundation of the two-strait relations of "Nine-two consensus".

  Zhu Lilun, chairman of the Chinese Nationalist Party said in an interview with Taiwan, said that the leaders of the cross-strait leaders are an important milestone of cross-strait relations. In the future, both leaders can communicate more effectively under this pattern. The Kuomintang is happy to communicate with both sides of the strait.

Anything that is conducive to both sides of peace is going to do.

  The headlines of the headlines of major newspapers in Taiwan have come to Taiwan. The "China Times" 8-day short comment pointed out that the future two sides of the strait will only follow the basis of this cross-strait leader, is the blessing of the people of the two sides. "Economic Daily" 8-Japanese editorial pointed out that cross-strait leaders meet, symbolizing the peaceful development of both sides of the strait, crossing the historical gap, and stepped forward. The editorial pointed out that this meeting highlights several important significance, including consolidating the political foundation of the two sides of the strait, strengthen the "Nine-two consensus" political foundation, create more possibilities of cross-strait relations, create more peaceful dividends in Taiwan people . The Taiwan Asia Pacific Peace Research Foundation held a "Tema Club" after the "Tema Club" on the 8th. Participants believe that the leaders of both sides can create history at the moment.

The two sides of the meeting emphasized the common political foundation for both sides of the strait, giving the biggest touch brought by both sides, especially the Taiwanese people, even if there are differences in both sides, leaders can also sit together to exchange opinions, this gives two straps The peaceful development is very confident.

  Zhao Chunshan, chairman of the Asia-Pacific Peace Research Foundation, went to Singapore to observe the leaders of both strait leaders. He believes that this meeting is very harmonious, and the leaders of both sides of the strait have exchanged the views on some problems.

"Cross-strait leaders can solve all major problems in one time. Overall, this meeting will help cross-strait peace development, which is also helpful for regional security, peace and stability.

Zhao Chunshan said.

  Zhan Manduan, associate professor in Taiwan’s Political University, said that this meeting showed political wisdom and hard work of cross-strait leaders.

Taiwan also confirmed that he is a positive active constructor of interest relationship.

The meeting made Taiwan people have the opportunity to provoke, and if there is no "Nine-two consensus", the total political basis of the "Nine-two consensus" has not been possible to obtain many results in the past few years.

  Taiwan’s two-strait Peace Development Forum issued a statement that the legal positioning of the two sides of the same belongings is the political mutual trust basis for maintaining the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. It is necessary to further deepen cross-strait exchanges and must strengthen the "Nine-two consensus".

The statement also pointed out that this year coincides with the 70th anniversary of Taiwan, and the leaders of both sides of the strait are symbolizing the new chapters of the two sides of the national revival.

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