Tianjin Wuqing District: Demolition of dangerous houses and new houses warm

Tianjin Wuqing District: Demolition of dangerous houses and new houses warm

Original title: Removal of the housing and the new house, the warmth of the newhouse, the winter season, Into the villagers of Li Dafa Zhuang Village, Tunzhen Town, Wuqing District, Tianjin, and feel very warm, very bright, and be spacious. "This is the new house that the government helped me." Liu Wang lived the old house in the 1970s, the urinal, the long-term injury, the winter, the summer leakage, became a dangerous house, due to the poor of the family, The dream of renovating the old room to live in a new house has been difficult.

  At the time of Liu Wang, the Wuqing District Housing and Construction Committee came to the door, and the appraisal of the old room of his house was finally identified as a dangerous house. Regional governments provide subsidy funds to help reconstruction and repair. After tension, the house is built, and it is not easy to leak, warm and comfortable. In order to express the love of the party, Liu Wang deliberately chose July 1 this year, the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party moved into the new house. Sitting on the sofa in the new room living room, the warm sun shines in the large glass window, full of housing.

Liu Wang smiled and said: "The past old house smoked fire, the wall became black, and I felt a special pressure in the house, and I didn’t confidence in life.

Now the new house, the wall is hot, and the house is clean, and the heart is bright.

In addition, the housing is safe, and the wind leakage is raised. Now I am working in the village to make money, my wife is doing housework, and I will go to the square dance in my leisure time, playing Tai Chi, the whole family is happy.

"The 85-year-old villager of Lancheng Village, Gaocun Town is the five guaranteed households in the village.

The old room for him is worse, winter is cold and humid, the summer roof is leaking, the house is broken. After the local government department learned about this situation, he immediately helped 10,000 yuan for the original, the new house built, opened, and the old man is particularly happy. "Lonely widows like me, I can live in new houses, enjoy happiness in my old age, I am grateful to the party’s kindness, thank the superior socialist system!" Sun Shao An old man said with tears. Wuqing District has always adhered to solving the problem of housing safety in rural poor, as an important people’s livelihood project, and eliminates dangerous houses.

  Du Wenshun, the second-level researcher of the Wuqing District Housing and Construction Committee, introduced that in order to accelerate the renovation of dangerous houses, the district government specially introduced documents, and the people’s housing in the district will be investigated, allocate special funds, and establish a third-party appraisal body. Any identification as a dangerous house. It can be subsidized by relevant policies.

Since last year, there are 560 rural residential households in the district. (Editor: Li Dan, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.