The cold wave is coming, love restaurants put love tea stalls

The cold wave is coming, love restaurants put love tea stalls

  In the morning of November 8, in front of a Hunan Restaurant in the Dawn Community of Jinhua Yiwu, the reporter saw a love tea stall at the door of the store, the large barrel was just cooked ginger tea. After passing the sanitation worker, Huang took a glass of ginger tea from the store owner, first holding a cup to warm, and then drank a bite, said: "The heart is warm." Is affected by the cold wave, Jinhua temperature drop, road Persons have wrapped in winter clothes. Old Huang went out at 2:30 in the morning, he was responsible for the cleaning of the dawn community zone. When the day was as usual, the old yellow touched the door, suddenly lowered the temperature made him some uncomfortable, cleaning one morning, the hand did not heat. "If there is a place to avoid the wind, it is good to rest.

"A cup of warm ginger tea on the tea stall warm the old yellow heart. The dawn community catering industry is more concentrated, of which there is no shortcoming owner.

"Sanitation workers, couriers, takeaway small brothers come, rain, it is more hard."

Before the impact of this cold wave, we visited the community restaurant in advance, hoping that they with the community, providing a place where they struggled in the front line. The move has been supported by many catering stores. On the day of the winter, this Hunan Restaurant will take the lead in watching the love tea stall. "Dawn Community Party Committee Wu Kangli said. Jinlong is a staff member of a courier outlet in the dawn community.

Recently, "Double 11" is promoted, and the pressure is plauded, and it will go out of the door every morning. It has continued until night. "When I went out in the morning, I passed here. The boss gave me a cup of ginger tea, but also let us usually go to the store.

Some people in a busy time, let us tourt it in the outside. "Jinlong said.

  It is understood that this Hunan Restaurant is not the first time to do public welfare. In the summer, the love tea stall in the store will provide herbal tea. When they face the words, the owner always says "Labor to raise hands." A cup of hot ginger tea, a sentence from the heart, comforting the people in the cold, and also showing the temperature of the civilization in the era of honor. (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.