The biting teeth are governed to win in the situation.

The biting teeth are governed to win in the situation.

  "The intensive proportion of severe patients in the fixed-point hospital has increased from 14% to 64%" "330 medical teams all over the world, more than 40,000 medical staff to help Hubei" "" nucleic acid detection ability increased from 300 parts per day to 20,000 "" The ratio of the number of cumulative cure cases and cumulative death cases is: 1 "… The National New Office press conference held in Wuhan on the 28th and the State Council joint defense mechanism press conference held in Beijing on the 29th. Pick up two, it is encouraged. On the 28th, the cumulative treatment of the hospital has exceeded the existing diagnosis case.

The People’s Daily uses two words "anti-super", becoming the most shortcoming. Signs show that after hard work, after paying huge cost, the current situation of epidemic prevention and control has finally achieved phased outcomes, and the active trend is expanding.

  The epidemic prevention and control is good, derived from a powerful system guarantee.

It is necessary to "adhere to a game of chess", but also "mobilize all aspects of enthusiasm", and the key to the axis is to concentrate strength.

The central government is deployed for the initiative of the epidemic prevention and control. It can sink to the grassroots in a short time. It is implemented to personal … Efficient and smooth "organized" "execution power", becoming a key to blocking epidemic spread and gradually obtaining the initiative. Any major public health emergencies, the governance of a country is a major test: all places have launched a major sudden public health emergency response, and the potential suspected cases can be identified in the country, and 19 provinces support Hubei. In addition to the 16 states and county-level cities outside Wuhan … "Only China" can "the overseas" of the abroad, indirectly show our strong system guarantee. There is this bottom gas, you will be able to win this epidemic prevention and control.

  The epidemic prevention and control situation is good, from all-oriented Chengcheng City, which is always the core elements that determine the developments.

On the battlefield without smoke, the Chinese people are under the battlefield, the people of the people, all the universal energy: Please ask the red hand print on the battle, the mask mark on the face of the medical worker, fire line into the party’s vows, ten days to build The construction of a hospital … each of his duties, all responsibilities, at the forefront of the war.

History has proved that hundreds of millions of people have united, and they can form a powerful synerg of all difficulties. The epidemic prevention and control is of course not playing with "people’s tactics", but the toughness of "biting the green hill does not relax", "do not break the land or return". When you bite the teeth together, the virus will be overcome. The epidemic prevention and control situation is good, derived from the perspective of scientific research.

From the historical time axis, science is always the most powerful weapon to defeat the disease. The virus is a hidden devil, before the public is panic about it, mostly because of the strangeness of this enemy.

Phase from the initial short soldiers, now have warned to the middle trays, but the science not only let us steady the foot, and help us to attack: from successfully separated to the new coronavirus strain, to the rapid production of nucleic acid diagnostic reagents, and then to The clinical trial of new drugs is organized in order … A series of scientific "combined punches", providing strong support for the lives and physical health of the people.

The epidemic prevention and control has a new problem, seeing the recruitment, nothing, science has always solving the problem. Now, in order to improve the "four concentration" approach adopted by the cure rate, the collection of plasma and new measures such as rehabilitation recovery period, new measures are incorporated by adding new weapons to overcome the epidemic. The epidemic prevention and control is good, but it has not yet to win.

As General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasizes, the current epidemic situation is still serious and complicated, and prevention and control is in the key stage of the most effort. "Party committees and governments at all levels must firmly win the belief, bite the teeth, and continue to grasp all the prevention and control work without relaxing, and will not succeed in success.

"Executing a strict program, to play long-term hard war, these will also be the battle of our future period. In order to" not negatively returned ", we have to win, and we work hard. ! (Xie Weifeng).